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The Enameled Copper Wire supplier: xinyu-enameledwire is a new enterprise determined to provide our customers with the magnet wire that meet their demands of Quality and Economy. Our policy to supply products and services of standard specifications which satisfies the needs and meets the expectations of our customers.

Enameled copper wire
1. 130, 155, 180, 200,220 centigrade
2. 0.05-1.80mm
3. Customer's required packaging
Enameled copper wire pew130, pew155, EIW180, EI/AIW200

Features of Enameled Copper Wire:
1) Able to bear corona performance
2) Able to bear solvents
3) Able to bear refrigerant
4) Especially suitable for frequency conversion and control of motor winding in:
a) Frequency conversion refrigerators
b) Frequency conversion air conditioner compressor
c) Electromechanical winding
d) Other electrical machinery with the same demands

Main application of Enameled Copper Wire
--Lighting fixtures
--Solenoid valves
--Electrical appliance
--Industrial electronics
--Pumps & fans motor

Xinyu-enameeldwire alway provide high quality Enameled aluminum wire, welcome your visit.

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