Our Platform – A leading E-commerce Station

2ayes.com is a factory direct B2B2C platform helps customers get qualified products with great deal and shortest lead time.

Our Customer – All over the world

Our retail business covers all main areas and countries such as North of America, South of America, Europe, Asia, Australia and etc…

Our Product and Factory - Qualified

Contact us from customer service center:

Whatsapp/Line/Telegram/Tel all in one: +86 13968098268

Email: [email protected]

2ayes.com China Headquarter: Beijing Fukang Jikang Technology Co.,Ltd

We only approve qualified factory to launch qualified product on xyeelife.com. As long as you can order from xyeelife.com, that means this factory and this product is certificated by fancial team. Our factories mainly group in the biggest manufactory country – China and most top tier factories in China have joined xyeelife.com.

Our Logistics – Fastest Dropship System

We have many logistic partners around all the factories. Once customer place orders, the order information will automatically pass through the pointed logistic partner and the nearest agent will pick up your parcel from factory. You can track your parcel in your portal at any time.

Our brands

There are 2 parts of branding: 1P and 3P brand.

1P: first party brand, owned by xyeelife.com

3P: third party brand, owned by factory.

Both parties of brand of products need to certificated by fancial team.

Our Goal

Best price, Best quality and Best lead time are the goal of 3B that we bring for our customers all over the world.